Andaville Global Services was founded in July 2015 after staying under the radar as a Partnering business for 4 years. We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your business grow.

We are a leading business and IT solutions provider with extensive industry experience and knowledge. We harness our knowledge of industry to help our clients achieve better business performance. We offer end-to-end services across the full range of information technology operations.

The services of our Professionals have been utilized by companies since 2010, on a contractual, project-to-project basis. We have since then established ourselves in the software development, ICT Consultancy, ICT Training, IT Business Support and Maintenance, IT Managed Services, e-Marketing and graphic design industry.

We are committed to providing solutions to our clients in totality; we offer all your expectations in Information Technology.  Our vast Experience in IT Business has given us an edge in the IT industry.

So What Sets Us Apart From any Other IT Company?

Our Services are delivered uniquely which is why we are different from every other IT Company in Nigeria. We are also interested in what bothers you and your organization – technology wise, our intention is also to see how best we can move your business/organization forward by developing state-of-the-art business processes and solutions that will boost your organization’s reputation, productivity and also give you an Edge in the Market.

Our Expertise are driven by young, skilful and humble professionals who are ready to serve you 24/7, they are dedicated and committed to bringing solutions to your door-step.

Our relationship with our client is guided by the following principles:

We are as passionate about service quality as you are.
We will invest in earning your trust and respect.
We have a track record for helping our clients achieve better results.
We believe in practical innovation.
We choose our partners carefully in order to support your needs.
Our people make our promises become a reality.

  • Our Vision
  • , "to make footprints in the Information and Communications Technology sector in Nigeria, and to lead in web technologies and IT Business solutions."

  • Our Mission
  • is simply to help you/organization grow and achieve your goals even through Information Technology.

  • Our Values
  • Portfolio: We aim to continually produce a dynamic portfolio that includes a diverse range of world class representatives.
  • Partners: We establish integrity in our business practice by engaging with our clientele directly, providing them with effective tailor-made business tools, and establishing mutual loyalty and a long-lasting relationship.
  • Planet: We believe in being a responsible global citizen that makes a difference. The growth and success of Andaville is based on the implementation of sound principle business ethics such as, honesty, integrity, transparency, responsibility and reliability. At Andaville we maintain sincere and transparent relationships with all our partners and provide them with the highest level of workmanship and skill.