Web Application Development Company optimizing business through latest web technologies. We develop user interface platform, connect to a reliable API and integrate short code platform for banks, schools, churches, FMCG companies and other web designers.

For the purpose of launching a mobile campaign in which feedbacks, votes, comments and relevant information are collected through a short code. We provide advice and develop the right and cheapest platform for our clients.

Short-codes:  We use short-codes (Dedicated or Shared) API with the cheapest tariff outside Nigeria and liaise with all the local network providers in Nigeria. Therefore, we assure you that you shall get a reliable reconciliation billing and transparent sharing formula from all the network providers in Nigeria (MTN, GLO, ZAIN, VISAFONE, STARCOMM, and ETISALAT) to justify returns on your investments.


Application Integration

Most of our applications / software solutions are integrated with short – code for robust information exchange. So if you have your existing website or portal and need help on integration, then talk to us.
We guarantee the following.
Delivery report based stats
Best in industry payouts and terms
High capacity
Failover servers
Full technical and customer service billing support



2-Way SMS Messaging

Get any Nigerian phone number to send and receive SMS.

It’s easy to get a mobile number and run engaging SMS sweepstakes, broadcasts and loyalty programs. We set up virtual long numbers (normal phone numbers), and an advanced set of tools for managing inbound messages.

Get one or more mobile numbers for your SMS programs. A number can be shared, i.e. used for many different campaigns, which comes handy if you are looking to reduce costs.