You do not need to build an IT department in order to run your business. ANDAVILLE Global Services Nigeria provides outsourced business IT support services to growing companies. Our service-level driven delivery platform, based on pro-active IT infrastructure management and remote.

IT support ensures maximum application availability and optimal performance for your network. This makes your business more efficient and productive. We can administer your network remotely or be there in minutes when we need to be.

Our services spans across Software Development through Hardware Practical’s and everything within it. Below is the list of our core services:

Web computing is a special kind of distributed computing that involves internet-based collaboration of several remotely located applications. Contrary to the “classical” distributed components that are static and rely upon a fixed hardware configuration within a local area network, a new approach advocates existence of dynamic functionalities that can be easily migrated and executed on any machine connected to the Web.

The new style of computing requires a uniform run-time environment, broadband connections and flexible software structures. It is an approach to provide a World Wide Based framework for the distributed execution of various programs is presented.

In most of the cases, the web computing is considered as web services. Our aim is to provide all the expertise, creative innovation, commitment, resources and support to enable our clients / partners to progress as swiftly and effectively as possible from where they are today, to where they want to be tomorrow. Our guiding rule is very simple, we offer expert skill, innovative creations, full commitment, 100% satisfaction, assets and excellent customer support to all our clients around the world and help them to progress their business to the peak.

System Sales and Services

We provide high quality, affordable computer sales repair, onsite home pc support, laptop, training, scanning services, virus removal, printer installation help, small wireless network setup, promotion optimization services to any size business operating on tight business services budgets.

PC Support
PC Repair Service
Virus Removal and Protection
Antivirus Program Installation
PC Troubleshooting
Data Backup 
Virus Removal and Repairs
Anti-spam software installation
PC Hardware Installation

Onsite Computer fix

Custom Web Application

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Business Workflow

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IT Consultancy

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IT Training

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